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Sample Buffet menus

Buffet menu I

Aquavit-marinated salmon fillet

Turkey and cream cheese paté with pickled cucumber julienne

Pork ham with wild mushroom tartar

Profiteroles filled with trout mousse

Mini quiche with leek

Tapas assortment: calamata olives, cornishon, grilled weet pepper and mushrooms in home-made marinade

Mozzarella and cherry tomato stick

Salad with grilled fowl liver and sweet pickles

Beet vinaigret with herring

French potato salad with olive oil dressing

Bonaparte bread assortment with herb butter


Buffet menu II

Herring selection with potatoes
and cold chive flavored yoghurt sauce

Pork jelly with horseradish mousse

Chicken galantine with mustard sauce

Farm style chicken liver paté wih peppermin sauce

Sprin rolls with vegetables and home made mayonaise dip

Cheese selection with crackers

Vegetable crudité platter
with tomato-rouille sauce and tzadziki dip

Potato salad with sugar peas and mayonaise sauce

Pasta salad wit tuna, olives and tomatoes
served with mediterranean dip

Beetroot-herring rosolje salad

Oven baked pork with black plum jus

Oven baked potatoes with garlic and herbs

Pan fried sauerkraut with bacon

Bonaparte bread assortment with herb butter 



We are glad to compose your own special menu
according to your wishes and requests.
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