Foorumi keskus



Bruschettas with  tomato and basil 

6.50 €

Selection of cheeses with  Bonaparte bread chips and onion jam

8 €

Oven baked omelette with spinach or bacon

5.60 €

Scrambled eggs with cold-smoked salmon or bacon with

a rocket salad and toast on the side

5.70 €

Bonaparte breakfast- Poached eggs, bacon,  potato cakes, bean salad and 

Chef´s mayonnaise dressing

7.40 €

Fried egg with bacon and salad
5.60 €


Goat cheese gratin with honey and cold-smoked salmon 

8.80 €

Couscous and beetroot salad with caramelized hazelnuts

6.30 €

Couscous and beetroot salad with pan fried chicken fillet 
and caramelized hazelnuts

7.80 €

Bonaparte Caesar salad


Bonaparte Caesar salad  with pan fried chicken fillet


Bonaparte Caesar salad with grilled shrimps


Healthy andnutritious Nicoise salad with tuna
7.80 €


French onion soup

5 € 

Thick Gumbo soup with shrimps, chicken fillet and bacon

5.90 €

Beetroot soup with parsley and gaot cheese tortellini

5.90 €


Penne with chicken fillet and sugar peas

6.50 €

Creamy pasta with salmon and shrimps

7.90 €

Creamy pasta with tuna , zucchini and  rocket salad 

6.50 € 

 Penne with broccoli, sundried tomatoes and herb oil

5.90 €

Classical homemade dumplings with sour cream

6.50 €

Chef´s dumplings with shrimps and Thai-style sauce

7.20 €  

All pasta dishes can also be ordered with whole wheat pasta! 

Main courses

Bistro's hamburger with French Fries and Bonaparte's home-made ketchup

12 €

Chilli tuna wraps with salad 

7 €

Bonaparte Ratatouille 

7.50 €

Duck and wild boar meat cutlets with French potato puree and red wine sauce 

8.90 €

Oven baked salmon fillet with potato cakes and lemon sauce

11.50 €

Pan fried duck fillet with blanched vegetables  and red wine-orange sauce

13.50 €

Oven baked chicken fillet with orange couscous, 

grilled sweet peppers and creamy goat cheese sauce

11.20 €    

Falafels with little salad and sweet pepper-garlic sauce 

7.10 €


Classical Créme Brûlée à la Bonaparte
3.70 € 
Selection of homemade ice-cream and sorbet
1.60 € / ball

Bonaparte handmade muesli with natural joghurt and raspberry coulis

2.50 €
Tarte from our daily selection        from 1.40 €

Extras: vanilla sauce, berry coulis   0,80 €